Original apparel by artist Lacy McClary

Customzied apparel inspired by surviving Hurricane Ian.

Multimedia collage

Sanibel Lighthouse

This original artwork by Lacy McClary features the iconic Sanibel Lighthouse. The... 


Fierce, original painting by Sanibel artist Lacy McClary, survived Hurricane Ian. A... 

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    Hi my name is Lacy McClary I am a local Sanibel Artist that lost everything in Hurricane Ian.

    I know I am not alone and my heart is breaking… I am in shock for my SWFL family and friends. I am trying to realize that there will be brighter days… I will paint again soon and start over in a different studio.

    I survivied the harrowing hurricane for hours while sheltering with Steve Brown, his family and Amy Lynn with everyones fur babies. We had 9 dogs and 5 people. We had to be rescued by helicopter. I still cannot believe we survived. We never expected the storm to hit us the way it did or obviously would not have stayed.

    Never in a million years did I think it would take my house, land a boat on my studio on FMB and take my cars. I am devastated for all of us but I am very grateful to have my life.

    Please stay safe and give the one you love a hug. ✨

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    I am resilient and will rise again. I have featured Fierce, the tiger, an original painting that survived the hurricane.

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    Lacy believes you should surround yourself with things that make you happy and feel free. She loves to challenge herself and her clients to dare to be different.